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I'm trying to replicate a fancy drop-down control (MS-egads!)  with
form <select><option>

It doesn't look like you can specity  width as an attribute or define
width with CSS.
It looks like my choices are to use smaller fonts or choose shorter
option strings.

inline:  I want to put a small graphic immediately to the right of the
Of course the select is hogging all the width, in the table cell, and
"nowrap"  attr seems to be uneffective.   ( I'm also using it in an
XSLT context and am forced to use  nowrap="1" )
Are there other solutions ?    can I specify nowrap or inline  for  div
or span or ??

Of course by def. the <select>  shows the selected option and its width
specified by the longest value.

But I noticed, in some of these MS drop-down controls, the displayed
value is shorter length ( and is a representation ) of the selection
chosen from the list. ( where dropdown choices are very wide and extend
beyond the width of the control )
I've even seen dropdown selections, that had selections displayed in
columnar format.
ie:   company    |   branch  |   address  |   dept

Anyone with suggestions ???   or has anyone implemented custom <select>
for web forms?

Re: custom width, inline, etc. wrote:

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There is no HTML 'width' attribute for either select or option
elements.  You can specify a width via CSS, but as always CSS is just a
suggestion to the browser - there is no obligation to obey your
suggestion (though most will most of the time).

Firefox will obey CSS width instructions for both select and options,
IE will for select elements.

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'nowrap' is deprecated and shouldn't be used at all.  Use the CSS
whitespace property:


Quoted text here. Click to load it

See whitespace above.  I think inline is irrelevant here.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Unless you sepecify some other width using CSS and the browser obeys

Quoted text here. Click to load it

URL? Example?  It could be that they are using a mono-spaced font and
simple text formatting.  The more complex it is, the more likely it is
to break on some browsers.

Maybe a select is not the right element to be using? What are you
actually trying to do?


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