CSS - using a: hover changes layout in IE ? Is this a known bug ?

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is this a known IE bug/quirk ?

a not-very-complex web page with several <div>
( some of those <div> nested )
with navigation by menu links down the left and near the top

using CSS a:link and a:hover
to modify link color and background-color

running on WinXP SP2
all seems fine in Mozilla browsers and Opera 8.5

but in IE6 - hovering over a link *sometimes* changes the page layout
slightly by changing the margin of a different div in an unconnected
part of the page, with no obvious reason for this

removing all the a:link and a:hover rules from the CSS file
removes this quirk completely

admittedly it's a very small effect, but it just looks *amateurish*
when the page is viewed in IE...

thanks in advance :)

Re: CSS - using a: hover changes layout in IE ? Is this a known bug?

false-name@false-account.net wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think I've "solved" it

I went back through the CSS and noticed that not all of the <div>
elements had a width: specified...

setting width: on all the elements...
solved it...

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