CSS-Trouble with IE while placing header elements (using Plone)

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Hi all,

I've got some annoying trouble with IE's display of my new website
header. On my site, the corporate logo shall be right-aligned:

|                                       siteactions    .             |
|                                                      |    _  _  _  |
|                                                      |___(_)(_](_) |
|                                                             ._|    +

That's where the trouble begins. I wished to see the logo on the outmost
right border of the page, even right of the siteactions. Different from
Firefox, IE mixes the position of the elements up:

|                                          .              siteactions|
|                                          |    _  _  _              |
|                                          |___(_)(_](_)             |
|                                                 ._|                |

#portal-header (div, the complete header box) which  uses 'width:100%'
and embeds #portal-siteactions (ul, the site actions, e.g. login,
sitemap, contact) as well as #portal-logo (h1, the logo).
#portal-siteactions is placed with 'float:right' and I added some
padding-right to leave space for the logo. The logo places on the right
side by using 'background-position:right center;' for the #portal-logo
definition -- at least with Firefox.

As a workaround, I tried to set 'width:100%' for the #portal-logo. But
then, IE refused to stack logo and siteactions, which both should span
the whole page width. Even explicitly setting unique z-indices didn't
make any difference.

I have compiled details including screenshots and CSS definitions at
http://www.tschirley.com/plone (67kB). I would be grateful for any hint
or suggestion.


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