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I have this css:
/* table corsi */
.tab_corsi td
.tab_corsi td:first-child
.tab_corsi td+td:hover
.tab_corsi tr:first-child

internet explorer is not compatible whit last 3 rows!

Re: css & internet explorer

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So you said over in alt.html.

Do not multipost. Crosspost if only necessary.


Re: css & internet explorer

I'm sorry
I post this message because
I beleave that the alt.html group is not ready
I'm italian. there are something gramatical error?

Re: css & internet explorer

nicolacantalupo wrote:

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"not ready"? Not sure what you mean. Multi-posting is creating different
messages with the same content in different groups. This is considered
very bad practice. Cross-posting, in contrast, means to create *one*
message which then appears in different groups.

Had you cross-posted your message to comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
and alt.html, everyone would now be able to see that it appears in both
groups. You did not, so people might waste their time writing an answer
even though a satisfactory answer already appeared in the other group.
(Obviously, your intention was not wasting people's time, but that may
be the result.)

Note that generally, you should avoid cross-posting as well. In any
case, you should really learn more about how to properly use Usenet. For
instance, you did not even quote relevant parts of the previous posting.
I strongly recommend you google for "Usenet netiquette".

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Yes, a few. But that's okay, because Usenet is international, and not
everyone's native language is English. Thus, flawless English is not
expected. Respecting Usenet netiquette, however, is. Invest some time in
learning the rules, so that Usenet becomes a more pleasurable experience
for everyone, including yourself :)

Christian Hackl

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