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I've made an experiment page with the layout set out by css instead of
tables which I'm used to. It works very well with the exception of one
thing in ie, and two in firefox. I would really appreciate it if
someone could point me in the direction of how to sort it.

I've uploaded the page to:

It works well as long as you don't have to scroll down, and there is
the descrepancy between the browsers. In IE the colour in the left
'column' continues but the background picture of the second column
stops. Whereas in firefox the colour in the left column stops as well
as the background picture of the second column. Not so important is
that in IE the right column doesn't continue up to the edge.

Any tips much appreciated!


Re: CSS instead of tables


Quoted text here. Click to load it

You've set the navigation column height to 100%.  At the time your page
is rendered, it uses 100% of the window height.  Your "content" uses
more height so spills out of the div.  Play around with it not setting
an explicit height and move your image into that column instead of
outside of it, then 100% height on the image will be 100% of the
containing div instead of the window height.

You may also want to consider setting background/foreground color for
the rest of the page.  I see my default purple background coming

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