CSS Hovers not smooth in IE but look great in everything else --

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Hi all,

Thanks to Els from another post I got my CSS hover-overs working in IE,
Firefox, and about everything else I've tried.  Problem is the CSS
hover overs are VERY choppy in IE while very smooth in everything else.
 Any ideas???

Here's the URL: http://tinyurl.com/9v9of

And here's my CSS:
img.left_nav_1 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_1 img  {background : url(/images/rollovers_01.gif);}
a.left_nav_1:hover img  {background :

img.left_nav_2 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_2 img  {background : url(/images/rollovers_02.gif);}
a.left_nav_2:hover img  {background :

img.left_nav_3 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_3 img  {background : url(/images/rollovers_03.gif);}
a.left_nav_3:hover img  {background :

img.left_nav_4 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_4 img  {background : url(/images/rollovers_04.gif);}
a.left_nav_4:hover img  {background :

img.left_nav_5 {background: transparent;}
a.left_nav_5 img  {background : url(/images/rollovers_05.gif);}
a.left_nav_5:hover img  {background :

In IE it often doesn't revert back to the non-hover image when the
mouse is moved, and it's very sluggish.  I don't have any javascript to
preload the images yet, but this shouldn't cause such sluggish

Any ideas ???  Thanks,


Re: CSS Hovers not smooth in IE but look great in everything else --

have you tried to 'preload' rollover images in <body> tag?

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