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I'm trying design a web site using CSS. The site is not static so there will be
regular additions by numerous people. I've tried creating "template" pages that
can be used for them to drop in their text and graphics, but I'm running into
quite a few font problems.

Is there a way to provide a range of acceptable font sizes, such as 9 pt to 12
pt. I know you can define different classes, but the people adding the content
are using simple HTML and dropping some text into tables. Their focusing on
their content, not the HTML and CSS code to format it. Wasn't sure if anyone had
a decent process in place to accomplish that? Thanks in advance.


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Re: CSS font settings

Martie wrote:

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I'm not quite sure I understand.  Are you allowing the users to choose
their own font sizes?  Are the users allowed to alter the CSS templates?

Is it that you're trying to force the users to only use font sizes
between 9pt and 12pt?


Re: CSS font settings

Martie wrote:
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  Is this a blog? An online magazine?
  Have you considered a Content Management System (CMS)?

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  For a CSS-only method classes are the only way. The people will have to
add the classes to their code themselves. If they cannot do that simple
thing, it's a user problem, not technical.
  Even then, the people can always use "style=" to bypass any restriction
you might have in place. Basically it is all or nothing. Or you edit
everything they submit.

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Re: CSS font settings

Martie wrote:
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You should only allow relative sizes -- relative to the base size set by
the visitor to the Web site.  Thus, you might allow 90% to 110%.

You should not set absolute sizes (e.g., 9 pt to 12 pt).  Only the
person viewing your Web pages knows what font size he or she really
wants or (with a visual handicap) requires.


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