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I have one problem with my position of my background image. I have
created one div-tag that has a background image, which should be fixed
during scrolling. On the left side of the div is my menu-div, so the
content div is shown round 25% from the left browser side. In this
content div I would like to position a image on the left or right side.

I need a background-attachment: static, because the layout position is
the div, not the viewpoint. If I use background-attachment: static, it
isn't a valid css file, because only fixed and scroll are allowd.

Does anyone an idea?



Re: CSS background-attachment

Scripsit Philipp Kraus:

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Yes. CSS questions don't belong here but to c.i.w.a.stylesheets. A URL
should be included if you want specific help. And fixed background is almost
always a poor idea, since it reduces readability even more than a normal
background image does.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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