Creating a timeline.

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I am running a genealogy site.  I want to implement a graphical timeline
running horizontally, with events written at 45 degrees, for example.

I can do that with a graphic, but the graphic would need to be replaced
every time.  Could I implement it with CSS?  I am open to all suggestions,
and then I will migrate to the appropriate newsgroup.

I already have a vertical "timeline" with no graphics at .  The idea just occurred
to me of setting that up with a background graphic 100 years "high",
repeating vertically (the <BODY BACKGROUND> tag.)  The century could go
in the text.

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Re: Creating a timeline.

Doug Laidlaw wrote:

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Look at SVG or even SMIL

- _Very_ good results are possible
- Not hard to work with (if you know basic XML)
- Lightweight to author by hand or script
- Browser support (by plugins) is good
- Downloads are tiny
- Accessibility is good (with a little care)
- Simple XSLT can turn complex SVG into crude HTML lists, if you really
need a backward compatible page.

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