Creating a street in the web: Judith Miller Avenue

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Dear Netizens,

it is an old tradition, to name our streets after citizens extraordinaire.
Thinking about it, I asked myself: "Why shouldn't we have streets in the
web?" As a little test, I used my own start page ( )
to set up
              Judith Miller Avenue 1

Okay, okay, it's a crude CSS hack - it was an idea, and I just did it
within the existing page design. If it's a silly idea, just tell me so
and why. If you like it, and want to populate that street with more
housing: Welcome.

Kind regards
Hans-Joachim Zierke

P.S.:   I don't know, how it displays in Microsoft browsers, since I don't
        have a Windows computer to check. In Mozillae, Opera and Konqueror,
        it looks as expected.
P.P.S.: Reply address is valid, plus there is a contact page on the site.

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