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Re: Color of hyperlink

> > I have an <h1> banner that is white font on black background. I am using
> > to style the banner in white on black.
> >
> > I would like to hyperlink the words, but I want to force the hyperlink
> > remain white in color rather than changing colors due to the hyperlink.
> > for the banner hyperlinks - not for the whole page with other
> >
> > Is there a way to force the banner hyperlink to remain white?
> Yes.
> Before you do, consider two things:
> 1) How is the user supposed to know it's a link?
>   1a) How do they tell whether it's visited or unvisited?
> 2) What on earth is it linking to? If you're using <h1> properly - for
>    a page title - then what does it link to? If you're using <h1> just
>    to get big text, then don't - use CSS to style something else to
>    look right.
> In a few contexts they may be unimportant. But generally it's quite
> important. You probably have one where it is important - post a URL
> with an example if you want that confirming.
> For the how:
> Use CSS. You'll need to look up 'descendant selectors' (or use
> inline styles, but that's not a good idea except for testing) and the
> 'color' and 'background' properties.
> --
> Chris

Hi Chris,

You can see several pages at

I was not terribly concerned about the user in this case but if you run the
cursor over the word you do get an underline and cursor change to see it is
hyperlinked. I don't think too many people would use it but some might. It
does provide an opportunity to add hyperlinked keywords though.

A completed example is at .

Thanks a lot,


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