Center align a DIV without

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Is there a way to center the following div without using the <center>

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<div id="Test" style="background-color:#000000; color:#ffffff; width:
80%; text-align:center; line-height:100px;">Hello</div>

I want the div AND the text in the div to be aligned to the center.


(It's probably REALLY simple and I'll be quite embarassed that I
asked... but it's been one of "THOSE" days...)

Re: Center align a DIV without

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1. Use CSS not HTML attributes.
2. Set foreground and background colours together to avoid clashes
with user defaults.

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It's not 100% obvious and hence it is a FAQ. Set margin-left and
margin-right to auto.

Make sure that your doctype is triggering standards mode or IE won't


Re: Center align a DIV without

In article

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The first two pages of


should give you a good idea of how to do both these things.


Re: Center align a DIV without

dorayme scribed:

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That seems like a very helpful site. Is there a navigation page? The home
page seems to have only a mail form.

Ed Jay (remove 'M' to reply by email)

Win the War Against Breast Cancer.
Knowing the facts could save your life.

Re: Center align a DIV without

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The things on this server are mainly just sets of self-contained pages.
This set seems short enough not to need a menu but if I grow it, I guess
I will put some navigation beyond the pages menu at top and bottom.

I am a bit worried at the slightly artificial connection of things under
the topic of centring in this set. What else should I put?

* My views on the aesthetics of centring?

* My take on why centring has such an appeal (I reckon it has to do  
with the importance of left/right symmetry in animal evolution)?

* Perhaps an attempt at humorous, maybe even florid writing, about why
archery targets have the bull's eye in the centre; after all, even a
bull does not have its eye in the dead centre of its bulk, neither
mass-fully nor geometrically speaking? And besides, it has two eyes.

* Why don't dart boards have two bulls eyes like bulls, you could get
100 only if you can throw two darts at once each landing on different
eyes? Perhaps I could make and market a special and more rational
dart-board, closer to bull. (psst, Boji, wanna send me some $buckeroos
as an advance payment for one of these?)


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