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Some cellphones access web pages but
with limits on both speed and size (memory).

Are there qualifications known for how to
make web pages that work with most cellphones?

Do you know of such pages/URL?

Re: cellphone webpage

RickMerrill wrote:
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Here are tips:


Re: cellphone webpage

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That is about detecting mobile devices, which is a silly idea - the
best advice is don't.  If you build two versions of a site, let users
decide which version they want to use.  The two supposed drawbacks of
this method are bogus:

 "You have to maintain a separate version of the site for mobile

Not necessarily, it may only require a different style sheet, or
nothing at all.  Just make the site suitable for mobiles (Apple's web
site has some OK hints, but also some bad ones).

 "You have to put an ugly link at the top of the page that non-mobile
readers can see (and possibly click on)"

Firstly, links aren't necessarily "ugly", most pages have lots of
them, the web wouldn't survive without them. Secondly, so what if non-
mobile users use the link? They might even prefer the trimmed-down
mobile version of the site.

Stop worrying about mobile users and just make your site is efficient
as possible, then all users will benefit.  You can't possibly design a
site that looks great in every conceivable browser on every available
device.  So make a site that does the best it possibly can of doing
whatever it is you want it to do using the least amount of resources
(within reason) - and nothing more.


Re: cellphone webpage

RobG wrote:
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Yes, separate CSS for each device type is a nice way to go.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's nice to have the option.

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My web site is for public access tv. It shows a bunch of stuff. But a
mobil phone is SMALL, so I thought it would be cool if a "mobil" access
would simply show what program is now playing on cable tv.

Re: cellphone webpage

RobG wrote:
... let users
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think  you are right: I can have a www.x   and a  www.x/m  (for
mobile) that is just as easy to enter.

Which "hints" are ok?

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