captcha hack for wacko wiki...?

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Well, our wiki (using wacko wiki, a nice light wiki) is being spammed a lot...
I tryied to implement this hack
but it is just working partially...
you can see the image generated, and input the asked word, when you
are not logged in, but for some reason you can save changes without
adding the right code... or not adding any word at all :(

Do you have any idea what can be wrong?

Or other way to add a captcha or something to avoid spam... :(

TIA, and sorry for the bad english :)

  Luciano A. Ferrer .algún día volverás.

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Re: captcha hack for wacko wiki...?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Luciano A. Ferrer"

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Look at session variables.  Do some writes to the screen and stop the
script at certain places to find your error.

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Re: captcha hack for wacko wiki...?

Adrienne Boswell ha escrito lo siguiente el 10/07/2006 23:13:
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Yep, it was that... I made a few echos of variables, and realize that the
script was working with different variable names (the page shows the hack
made with version 1.3 of freecaptcha, 1.4.1 is the latest)
And needed to add a new string to the language file of the wiki (the page
did not mention that)

  Luciano A. Ferrer .algún día volverás.

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