cannot get into the different pages on

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I am the admin and the builder of
I cannot go into the webpages because it keeps directing to the
"Migration" of the website.
When you try and go into the different pages on the website it comes
up with an navigational problem.
I need help please.  I do not know how to fix this.

Re: cannot get into the different pages on kirjoitti:
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No redirection here. Them links just don't work at all. This is because
their href (hypertext reference) attribute points to a non existing
resource. Say the news link:

<a href="about:news"><font color="#006600">NEWS</font></a>

points to a resource named "about:news" when it probably should point to
an other HTML document, e.g. "news.htm".

As a quick fix just edit them href attribute values. There should be a
mechanism to do that via a GUI, but the specifics depend on the Office
application and version you are using to generate the pages. But you can
do the same by hand using Notepad. Just search (via the Edit menu) for
href and make the appropiate changes.

Best wishes,

Re: cannot get into the different pages on

On 12/10/2009 9:06 AM, wrote:
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Your links are not constructed for the Web.  For example, I see
<a href="about:ryan&#39;sstory"><font color="#006600"
size="4">RYAN&#39;S STORY</font></a>

This should be
<a href=" ;sstory"><font color="#006600"
size="4">RYAN&#39;S STORY</font></a>

I also suggest you use an actual apostrophy in place of &#39; in your
text.  You should avoid special characters (e.g., &#39;) in your URIs,
except for - (hyphen) and _ (underscore).  Thus, the fragment I cited
above would be
<a href=" "><font color="#006600"
size="4">RYAN'S STORY</font></a>

Finally, if you specify the color of a link (#006600 in your case, dark
green), you really should specify a contrasting color for that link when
it has already been visited.  This is best done via a style sheet.
However, many people advocate not specifying link colors at all, leaving
the links to be colored according to the individual settings on each
user's browser (in my case, blue for unvisited, red for visited, and
red-orange while a link is being selected).  Note that green for
unvisited and red for visited would create problems for many of those
who are color-blind since red-green color-blindness is the most common
form of that visual impairment.


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