Can IFRAME generate problems?

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this is my first time in this forum.
We are redesigning our company's corporate site and since we need to
add some content from an external application to the homepage, we are
considering the use of an IFRAME box. What  problems should we expect
to encounter? And what about cross-browser portability?
Do you know any usability problem (for instance font resizing and box
appearance or reload / refresh flaws)?
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Re: Can IFRAME generate problems?

On 12 Oct, 14:32, wrote:

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* <iframe> may be targeted by various cross-site scripting (XSS)

* IE may attempt to guard against these attacks by being awkward about
the <iframe> content it will display.

* IE may require your users to change their security settings to see
this <iframe> content.

* Windows Updates may deliver unpredictable changes to IE and the way
it guards against these attacks, such that a previously deployed web
site or web app suddenly stops working. The suddenness of this is
about the worst part.

* There may be copyright issues about serving other people's content
in an <iframe>

* <iframe>s have some of the disadvantages of frames in general,
particularly for the bookmarking limitations.

* If you serve "live" client-side content from someone else's server,
then you're reliant on their server being reliable.

* If you serve content from someone else's server, they may object to
your use of bandwidth and then limit your access.

* In general, don't assemble content on the client-side. Load it to
the server, cache it, assemble it server-side (SSI or scripting) and
serve one single and simple page.

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