Can a sparsebundle be placed on a website?

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I am running OSX 10.5 or greater on most of my Macs and recently tried
to place a sparsebundle on a website.  Sparsebundles (growable disk
images) were first available in 10.5.  To the HFS+ filesystem, unlike
its related disk image (the standard DMG), a sparsebundle consists of
a folder with several filenames along with a subfolder named
"bands".   My httpd.conf is configured to disable directory indexing.
Thus, when I click  on the icon for the sparsebundle, I get this in /
var/log/httpd/error_log :

   Directory index forbidden by Options directive

Is there anyway to fix this other than putting the sparsebundle in a
zip file or something similar?

Re: Can a sparsebundle be placed on a website?

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Why would you want not to simply archive (zip) whatever folder
(along with its subfolders if any and all files therein) you have
(it is a simple Mac command, you select the target(s) and
implement Create Archive under the File menu in most OSs X; and
then provide a link to it. What are you wanting to otherwise

If you wish to display the folders and files as separate links,
of course, you can just make an HTML list (and list within list)
of them, and the links in this list could go to compressed files
if you so wish.


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