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Hi All,

I have reports which display various icons/buttons/dropdowns in the
report header/footer area.  However, I have one report that is about
double the size of the screen, so there is a scroll bar to goto the
other columns.   The problem I am having with this is that the
header/footer stuff is not aligning as it should be.

Here is a page of how everything should look:

As you can see, everything is flushed to the right and when you resize
the window, those entities stay flushed to the right

My problem page is:

This is how it looks at the moment, the paging stuff is way over on the
right, I want it to be exactly where those excel/print icons are as
well as the currency drop down.  I tried doing this myself here..


But when the window is resized those paging options stay where they
are.....any suggestions as to how to fix this?

Thanks for your help, and let me know if my test pages are still
unsatisfactory for everyone...I can dumb it down.  Lastly, do not worry
about HTML 4.01 errors/warning etc....its geocities and has no effect
on the question I pose


Re: Button Alignment Problems

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How about move the paging options into the table that the currency
selector is in? Then they can easily be made to appear below the
currency selector, and their position won't depend on the width of the
huge data table at the bottom.

Re: Button Alignment Problems

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What about the footer?

Re: Button Alignment Problems

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I can't remember what the footer was like. But the same idea should
work-- if the footer's going off to the right because the table it's in
has got much wider, take it out of the table. You could start another
table for the footer. Or alternatively, maybe the stuff at the top and
bottom of the page doesn't need to be in tables at all.

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