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I have just concluded another semi-annual survey of what user agents
access 19 of my Web pages.  The results are at
< and show a significant
decline in the user base for Gecko browsers since last October and
significant increases for Safari and Chrome.  My report also shows
surveys by W3CSchools and StatCounter, both of which show much smaller
decreases for Gecko.

The following information is NOT on my Web page --

For Gecko browsers:
4.5% of "hits" were from Gecko rv:1.8.x (Firefox 1.x or 2.x,
    SeaMonkey 1.x)
2.7% were from Gecko rv:1.9.0.x (Firefox 3.0.x)
7.7% were from Gecko rv:1.9.1.x (Firefox 3.5.x,
    SeaMonkey 2.0.x)
54.1% were from Gecko rv:1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6.x)
31.1% were from Gecko rv:2.0 (Firefox 4.0)
There was also one "hit" from a user agent with the string
    Mozilla/5.0 Firefox/4.0

For Internet Explorer:
3.1% of "hits" were from IE 5!
22.7% were from IE 6
22.7% were from IE 7
47.2% were from IE 8
4.3% were from IE 9
The small user base for IE 9 might be attributed to the fact that IE 9
will not run on Windows XP, which is still used on 42% to 48% of


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