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I recently had occasion to ask about browser stats for the
server I have my course pages on.* The breakdown by version
for the main categories had some intriguing entries:

MS IE (all versions) 79663/185184 hits = 43.0%
  MS IE 2.0              3/185184 hits
  MS IE 4.01             4/185184 hits
  MS IE 5.x            237/185184 hits =  0.13%
  MS IE 6.x          11439/185184 hits =  6.1%
  MS IE 7.x          27901/185184 hits = 15.1%
  MS IE 8.x          39991/185184 hits = 21.6%
  MS IE 999.1           18/185184 hits

Version 2?  Version 999.1?  (Yes, I know people can tweak
with browser settings, but you prove to me that they aren't
time travellers!)

For other browsers (with version ranges where reported):

Firefox (3.6.4-1.0.4)  62627/185184 hits = 33.8%
Google Chrome          13612/185184 hits =  7.35%
Mozilla                 3701/185184 hits =  2.00%
Netscape (5.0-0.6)       120/185184 hits =  0.06%
Opera                   1850/185184 hits =  1.00%
Safari                 10832/185184 hits =  5.85%
PDA/Phone (various)      242/185184 hits =  0.13%

In related news, the BBC reports stats from Net Applications:

* Looks like I will be able to ignore IE 6 issues
within my working lifetime!

Re: Browser Stats Time Warp

On 5/4/10 12:12 PM, David Stone wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

See my < .  (Wait until
tomorrow; my ISP is having intermittant problems with their Web server.)

My page lumps all IE versions together.  By version (not reported on my
Web page), I saw --
IE 5:  0.3% of all IE
IE 6:  24.4%
IE 7:  26.3%
IE 8:  49.1%

Similarly, I lumped all of the Gecko browser versions.  By version, I
saw --
rv:1.8.x:  3.4% of all Gecko versions (this would include Firefox 2.x)
rv:1.9.0.x:  12.7% (this would include Firefox 3.0.x)
rv:1.9.1.x:  22.0% (this would include Firefox 3.5.x)
rv:1.9.2.x:  61.9% (this would include Firefox 3.6.x)
Note, however, that the Gecko rendering engine is used by browsers other
than Firefox, including SeaMonkey, Camino, and Fennec.


David E. Ross
< .

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