Browser/IDE Abormalities

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   I'm having some problems with IE7 that don't occur in other browsers.  
  1. When rendering from my site, the JavaScript code seems to work
okay: it's code to execute a slideshow of randomly ordered pictures.  
This also works in some other browsers I've tested.
  2. The above processing _doesn't_ work when I test via my IDE (HTML-
Kit) - it displays only the default image.  IE7 also issues a "blip"
sound when I display via the IDE - I assume it's telling me there's some
error in the code...
   Given that there probably _is_ an error that's causing the different
behavior when using the same IE7 browser in 2 different modes, I have no
idea how to track down this problem...or what the sound indicates.

   Please note that displaying this page from my site probably won't
show this behavior - it only happens when I run via HTML-Kit, which
makes batch debugging quite difficult.  Please advise.  TIA

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