Bottom of RSS Feed cut-off?

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I have a blog with link information at the bottom of each article. I
just added a text-to-speech link from Talkr where you can "Listen to
this article." Everything is working fine from the blog but the
"Listen to this article" link is not showing on my RSS Feed.

The RSS Feed goes through FeedBurner which is set for Full Article and
SmartCast is on. The feed does validate with two warnings generated by
server side HTML .

The blog is at:
The feed is at:

I was wondering if I may have done something wrong with the HTML.
Below is the footer HTML. Can you see what might be wrong?




<p class="post-footer">
      <BlogItemUrl><a href="<$BlogItemUrl$>" title="Ergonomics Article
Link">Full Article</BlogItemUrl></a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<em><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>"
 title="Ergonomics Permanent Link"><$BlogItemDateTime$>

         <a class="comment-link"
<a class="comment-link" href="#header" title="Return To Top"> Top</a>

<div class="feedburnerFlareBlock">
src=" =<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"
type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

<p class="talkr">
alt='Listen to this article' border='0' />
href=' ;perma_link=<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>'>
    Listen to this article </a>

Re: Bottom of RSS Feed cut-off?

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We need a URL. What you posted is a fragment, not a page, and it's
some server-side scripty stuff, not finished HTML. At this point I
(for one) stop reading.

You're already using 4 protocols here: RSS, Feedburner's RSS->
JavaScript converter, your server-side scripting, and finally a static
HTML page that should just link two simple things together. I've no
intention of even trying to debug this, wiothout getting the whole
picture -- especially since (AFAIR) feedburner won't serve bare
JavaScript up unless it's referred from within a page.

Catch a static HTML version of your page (with the feedburner link)

Catch a static HTML version of your page, with the feedburner output
embedded into it as embedded JavaScript.

Look for errors in your JavaScript console.

Try to see what this JavaScript looks like, and whether it's broken
(as JavaScript). It does sometimes happen that perverse RSS breaks
Feedburner and generates broken JavaScript. This then executes until
the broken line, at which  point the feed appears to stop.

I doubt it's your HTML at fault, otherwise the whole lot would
probably break completely.

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"Does your website support business support which is accessibility?"

You've got to love an "ergonomics" and "accessibility" journal that
can write that as a headline.

Re: Bottom of RSS Feed cut-off?

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your reply. I see what you mean about all the protocols and
the problem in troubleshooting this.

Sorry to so dense but could you explain what you mean by a static HTML
version of the page and the static page with feedburner embedded.
Could you explain this and I will get it?

This may help but I don't think it is what you want:

Here is the html for the XML page but it does not catch the Listen to
this link:

Here is the HTML template used within



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Re: Bottom of RSS Feed cut-off?


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AIUI, you're adding the results of an external RSS feed to a static
page, by using a service (FeedBurner) that converts RSS from XML into a
series of JavaScript document.write() statements.  They generate a large
JavaScript function, you embed it into your page with a <script
src="..."> element.

So if you capture a static copy of the _generated_JavaScript_, then
you've removed two of the four variables.  This program should now be
trivial, but it's probably broken at one line. It will report a
JavaScript error at that line, which you can see in the browser's
JavaScript console. Examining that line probably reveals the weird
character or whatever in the RSS caused this.

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