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Hi there..

I've got an HTML newsletter which I knocked together, and I want to
paste the whole lot into an email to send out to the rest of the team /
department / company...

There are a couple of links in there in the introduction which point to
other places in the document... for example:

<a href="#intro">

which when clicked on links to the intorduction (marked with <a

The issue is, that once the html is copied and pasted into outlook,
these links appear to change to be ones within my filesystem (ie <a

This means that the links won't work on other peoples machines when I
mail it to them...

Any ideas how to get around this? I want those links in the
introduction to point to somewhere else in the same document so that
people will be able to use them when it gets emailed around...

Thanks in advance...


Re: bookmark links lost when paste-ing... wrote:
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The best way to handle this is to generate the newsletter as a Web page
on a server.  Then merely send a brief ASCII message with a link to that
Web page.

Your company does not have unlimited mail server space.  When you send
HTML messages, there is a copy on the mail server for each recipient.
This takes 3-5 times as much space as the same text content within an
ASCII message.  A Web page, however, exists only once.

In any case, this works while what you are trying does not.


David E. Ross

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