Bayer site intricately hacked, or corporate-degenerate busted

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clicking on "diabetes blah blah" links on various sites, just sends one on a
branching pseudo-circular goose chase. (just as spam-link operators do) (glucose meters) /

I tried a Google site: search of .. many pages must be META-ed out.

Bayer's own internal search is very poor. Appears useless. -

follow commonly shown link to  "Bayer sites" … the page appears
semi-interactive, but
produces a lot of spam-link-looking links such as "http://.././././?=diabetes",
where all
links shunt to the same (in german language, though the originating pages

"Technical Details" link goes to a page recommending IE, enabling ActiveX
banned due to security flaws), and active scripting (insecure without filters
that are not
built into IE or Mozilla), cookies... all poor to mediocre web practices.

using Google
I find there were or are many:
diag.bayer.etc, but none are english language
go to USA …

another page.. choose "consumer care" link in center of page
links in middle of page
which has only a flash link. Useless…

or , back up a few steps, can choose same name "consumer care" link from the
menu: (*another* different domain)
This is an OTC page, with links using domains named after each product. , one-a-day, etc
or /

Maybe the OTC page is a spoof page. Prankster hackers managed to put a link to
spoof page on (how many?) Bayer co sites.

and finally, there's no contact-us/webmaster form page to allow feedback about
broken site.


I had been hoping to find online copy of the "package insert" or Keto-Diastix
squares of color show glucose and ketones response to urine)

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