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given a Windows PC and an ISP subscription, is there a way of developping a
dynamic web site implementing a user's forum
 - easily
 - quickly
and free of charge ?

I understand this depends a lot on the ISP.
My question is: do you know of an ISP which provides all the tools to do
that quickly and free of charge ?

Actually, I am in France and your answer about the ISP may not be relevant
but about the tools, it could help me make an opinion about it.


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Look for an ISP that offers a CPanel or DirectAdmin account that
includes Installatron and the capability to create your own mySQL
databases.  Installatron lets you easily and quickly installs
services such as shopping carts and forums.  The free forum
installed is typically phpBB, but Installatron also handles SMF and
XMB. has information for ISPs about DirectAdmin. has information about Installatron.

For forums: has information about phpBB. has information about SMF. has information about XMB.

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No ISP offers anything free of charge.  Some ISPs include these
features as part of your subscription, however., for
example, offers DirectAdmin accounts with Installatron.

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The geographic location of your ISP is irrelevant.  I have been a
customer of ISPs thousands of kilometers away.  As long as I have
online access to everything I need, it doesn't matter where the
ISP is located.  The only time it matters is if you need to talk
to customer support by voice, but I have never needed to do this.
Email works fine.


Re: basic question

Thanks axlq !!

Re: basic question

Jean-Marie Epitalon wrote:
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I dont understand. If the user already own's a forum, why would you need
to implement one for him?


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