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Re: Back button functionality

AES wrote:
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[snipping further discussion of the putative convenience of having
alternative garage door buttons throughout one's house]

Your analogy doesn't fit. Yes, there are at least two different places
(the entrance from the garage to the house and the interior of the car),
not within reach of each other, where a person might be when he needs to
open or close his garage door. In contrast, at all times that a user
will be on the web site in question, he will be viewing it through his
browser, with the browser's Back button exactly where it always is, no
matter what web site the user is looking at, within easy reach. Or do
you imagine that the browser's regular Back button becomes less
accessible somehow when the user is visiting this particular site?

Buttons we do need (Was: Back button functionality)

I'd like to take a positive approach here and mention Buttons
That Are Needed.

My number one recommendation for buttons that are needed (and
often are not provided or are not provided in an obvious place)

1) Button to escape from form-submitted-thank-you page.  We
don't need a back button here - especially not one that exactly
duplicates the browser's back button - because we don't want to
go where back would take us.  Please give us a button that will
deliver us someplace safe so we don't have to back over the
form.  Please don't call it a back button.

Lars Eighner      /
     Someday you will look back on this moment and plow into a parked car.

Re: Buttons we do need (Was: Back button functionality)

Lars Eighner wrote:
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I second that: a page shouldn't leave you hanging as to what to do next.
"Return to home page" or "Return to document index" or "Main Menu" are
useful next-step links, but they shouldn't be implemented as Back
buttons. They should move *forward* to the page in question.

Re: Buttons we do need (Was: Back button functionality)

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Harlan Messinger wrote:

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Indeed, and the user might never have visited that page before.  So
what's that pointless word "Return" doing there, please?  It adds
nothing, but irritates those who know they haven't been there before.
It's often seen, and often thougtlessly copied by others, but I'd
say simply take it out.

Re: Buttons we do need (Was: Back button functionality)

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Sounds like you'd also need a <link rel="foo" ... >  on the page to
indicate just where it needed to go.

Re: Back button functionality

On Wed, 25 May 2005, AES wrote:

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Your logic is impeccable.  The alternative operation buttons are
provided at the customer's request and according to their perceived
requirements, they aren't forced on them by the supplier of the
equipment according to what they want to customer to have.

"Hence or otherwise deduce" their relevance to an author putting them
into a web page.  That's aside from the fact that they don't work
reliably, unlike the ones (shorcuts, bookmarklets etc.) which the user
could implement for themselves in their browser, if they don't want to
use the standard button or its shortcut (Alt/Left Arrow in the one
that I'm using) which the browser offers them as standard.

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"Abigail" documented the problem many years ago.  The situation has
changed only in detail, not in principle.

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