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I have volunteered to take over website maintenance for the Sierra Club
Greater Baltimore Group, and I also want to replace its present
implementation with one that has
the general appearance and functionality of the one for the Montgomery
group: .

I cloned the Montgomery site and made some changes to reflect the updated
version, and my efforts so far can be seen at /. I am familiar with some basic HTML and
JavaScript but this project will be a learning experience for me. So far I
have just made changes to content and I have tried to simplify some of the
documents that will need frequent updating, such as upcoming events and
status reports. These files are and . These are just
preliminary templates to which I will need to add much more information.

BTW, it seems that the drop-down lists on my website do not work as smoothly
as on the Montgomery site. I'm not sure what the problem there may be,
unless the embedded youtube movie (which replaced a slideshow) is somehow
confusing the OnBlur event that should roll up the drop-down menu.

What I would like to do is set up a system whereby other members may add
content without actually editing the HTML, and also minimize my involvement.
I can envision a form that may be filled in with required fields such as
title, date, location, and details, and then converted to HTML to be added
to the appropriate file(s). And I'd also like to be able to automatically
cull items that are older than the present date, and perhaps moved to an
archive file.

I realize that I may need to familiarize myself with form submission
through CGI applications on the ISP server, to have the content emailed to
me, or I will need to set up a way to have the server side file updated
directly. And this should be password protected and notification of
updates should be sent to me for review.

Before embarking on this project, I'd appreciate some ideas to point me in
the right direction. There are existing applications (Web Content Management
Systems) that may do what I need without reinventing the wheel, but the one
I looked at ( seems too complex for what I need, and I don't
think the other users will be able to make updates using a tool like that.

I've already asked in the JavaScript newsgroup and they felt that it was not
the proper forum for this. But I think it would be possible to make a form
using HTML and JavaScript that would accept the new content and then format
it and add it to the HTML files that contain the information. All I would
need on the server side would be a script that would create a new HTML file
with the updated information. It may be useful to use a database such as
MySQL but I have never worked with it. However, I am reasonably familiar
with database programming for dBase and MS-Access and Borland Delphi.



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