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I need the ability to automate the creation of 500 similar webpages
for an educational site.  Let=92s say approximately 100 lessons with
each lesson having 3-5 pages.  I already have a program that allows me
to create a template and merge in files.  The body of each webpage
will include a line of text and a picture.

Let=92s say I will have a Folder on my computer called Text with files
called Lesson1a.txt, Lesson1b.txt, Lesson1c.txt, Lesson2a.txt,
Lesson2b.txt, Lesson2c.txt, Lesson2d.txt,=85etc.  Then a similar Folder
for the Images Image1a.jpg, Image1b.jpg,=85etc.

Is there a program or routine that can go through the Text folder and
create a file for each entry.  Let=92s say the files that are created
are called, Lesson1b,it,=85etc.  The program or routine
would create file with contents like:

<p align=3D"center"><font size=3D"6">Lesson1a.txt</font></p>  (The routine
would need to place the contents of Lesson1a.txt into the file.)

<img  src=3D"Lesson1a.jpg" alt=3D"" border=3D"0"  width=3D"180">  (The routi=
would need to place the textLesson1a.jpg=94 into the file.)

It would then create the file and then continue on for
each file entry in the Folder.

Re: automatically create multiple web pages writes:
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This is not really topical here.  The answer will depend on what
system you are using and what tools you have available.  For example,
if you have Perl (a scripting language) installed it is a matter of a
few lines to write what you want.  In fact the task is simple enough
to be done with the command-line tool (what is know as a shell
script on Unix-like systems and a batch file in Windows).

You might get better help in some groups that is specific to you


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