Attributions for copied images?

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Quick question: I want to use an image that's been published under a
creative commons licence, but I'd rather not have the attribution
cluttering up the page design. Do you think it's better to:

(a) include the attribution/URI in the alt="" text
(b) wrap the img in a link to the source, and include the
      attribution in the link's title="" text
(c) other suggestions?

IIRC, an img doesn't take a title attribute?

For those who want to see an example, I'm referring to the
3D caffeine molecule on the top-left of this page:

Re: Attributions for copied images?

On 8/21/12 6:57 AM, David Stone wrote:
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The IMG element does indeed take a TITLE attribute.

If I copy an image and use it on a Web page linked from my own Web
space, I use the TITLE attribute to indicate its source.  If I merely
link to an image that is on some other Web space, I generally do not
indicate its source since the properties of the image will show that.

DO NOT USE the ALT attribute for anything except as a text description
that substitutes for the image in case the image fails to display.


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Re: Attributions for copied images?

2012-08-21 16:57, David Stone wrote:

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Why is it so that the most complex questions are so often named "quick
questions"? Quick to ask, maybe.

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The conditions are
rather vague: the credits shall be provided in a manner "reasonable to
the medium or means You are utilizing". My view of this is that to stay
on the safe side, the credits should be made in a manner that makes them
available to any user in normal browsing. However, they need not be as
prominent as copy text.

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That would be all wrong, as the alt text is not normally available to
the user, and it is mainly meant for people who do _not_ see the image.

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The title attribute value is normally not available to the user except
on mouseover, so no.

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Put the credits below the image, possibly in a <small> element. You
might use <figurecaption> too (inside <figure>), but then you need to be
careful with the rendering (i.e., usual HTML5 caveats apply).

Alternatively, put the credits for all images in a footer of the page,
possibly (if you are HTML5 minded) inside a <footer> element. Referring
to the images in the credits might be a problem if the images are not
numbered. But if they have captions, you could repeat the caption texts
in the credits and link to the image:

<div id="wheath">
<img src="wheath.jpg" alt="(a photo of a white heath)"><br>
<small>A white heath</small>


<li><a href="#wheath">A white heath</a>. Photo by
<a href="...">Jukka K. Korpela</a>.

If the image has no caption, you could write a descriptive link text and
make it point to the <img> element.

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It does. But it is meant to act as an advisory title for the image,
whatever that means, not an attribution.

Yucca, /

Re: Attributions for copied images?

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You are thinking a short and seemingly simple (and therefore quick to
ask) question is really a complex question if it has a complex answer?

It is true that a short question often requires the answer to a lot of
questions, some short, some long, the sum of which is complex (meaning
long, tricky to keep in mind).

However, an answer that is given by one person at one time might be
complex but another answer by the same or another person at another
time might be very simple. In other words the complexity of the answer
depends on the science at the time and the knowledge of the
participants rather than on the internal nature of the question; the
quickness and simplicity of a question is one thing, the nature of the
answer another.
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Or simply say (in the footer) that the image of the caffeine
molecule... <i>top left</i> is from...

title="..." in the image element is not a bad additional measure.


Re: Attributions for copied images?

On Tue, 21 Aug 2012 09:57:17 -0400, David Stone wrote:
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I would not put in the alt attribute -- that's supposed to be
displayed *instead of* the image on non-image-capable browsers.

The right way, I think, is as a caption.  But if you're unwilling to
do that, I think next best is in a title attribute.

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