Any Q&A volunteers. Can you give me 10 minutes?

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Hi Folks!

I hope you are all doing well.

I have a website that I've created and I'm wondering if I can ask for Q
& A and some feedback on it. The program is for order taking for

I'd like to have some comments on it. But pleez don't tell me it needs
more graphics!!!

Here's the example, feel free to order to your hearts content.

If you are feeling really ambitious pleez go to the administrators'
segement, the URL is

The User ID is bambino and the Password is bino (it is case sensitive).

I'd like to hear your comments on performance, ease of use, and any
other topic you choose. Please don't prove your un-professionalism by
making up dumb-ass criticisms. OK?

If you like the program then tell your local restaurant owners and
cafeteria managers...if you think it sucks then tell me and especially,
tell me why.


Bob Sweeney
954 560 3445

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