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How can we report AND filter spam in this group. I'm not updated on
Usenet type of groups, but I'd rather use a newsreader and miss the
spam altogether.

Any suggestions?

Re: anti-spam measurements

mikael b wrote:
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re: anti-spam: mung the domain of your email address to
micke.bystrom at (OR SOMESUCH) to prevent
robots from harvesting your address.

re: report?  forgedaboudit

Re: anti-spam measurements

mikael b wrote:

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Since Google Groups is the largest source of spam on Usenet, you could
subscribe to a news service and use a real newsreader with filtering

I use the following filter in 40tude Dialog:

   [*] #filtering that applies to all groups
   !markread Message-ID

..and only saw your post because Rick replied to you.

Note to other regulars using GG. There is also the capability to
whitelist individuals, with additional following filters, such as:

Don't bother trying to report your fellow GGers. Google doesn't give a
crap about it. /

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Re: anti-spam measurements

On 11/22/2008 3:07 AM, mikael b wrote:
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Actually, this particular newsgroup has very little spam.

The main problem with spam in newsgroups is that your own E-mail address
will be harvested for spam address books.  The solution is to munge your
address or use a fake address.  While my From address is fake, you can
get my actual address from the Organization header; even there, I've
contrived to hide it from the harvesters because they search the entire
message, not merely the visible parts.

Greater newsgroup problems than spam are the flooders (those who
generate many, many meaningless message just to prove they can disrupt
discussions) and the flamers (those who post highly inflammatory
messages -- generally off-topic -- just to get attention).  A good
newsreader will have filters to handle them.


David E. Ross

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Re: anti-spam measurements

mikael b wrote:
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I wouldn't bother reporting, unless you want to make that your full-time
job. As for filtering, dump google groups and sign up with a news
service that has decent filtering already in place. does a good job. It's not free, but is dirt cheap.


Re: anti-spam measurements

In article

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I use the free MT-Newswatcher on a Mac. It has very good filtering
facilities. There are and would be many others, paid and free, for other
platforms. On mine, one can simply go to a menu as one is reading a post
and immediately form a filter that latches on to the details in that
post and you can can choose what action to take. For example, to kill
such, to highlight such, to send flowers to the poster via interflora

As for email, you can contin..., I mean, you can use an email address
that you monitor by allowing only known people to come into your inbox,
the rest into another or junk folder that you make a quick scan of now
and then...


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