[ANN] WUnit : a tool for unit test of Web applications

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WUnit is bundled with RefleX 0.3.1
http://reflex.gforge.inria.fr /

RefleX is a general-purpose XML engine written in Java and WUnit is an
XML and XPath-based tool for running unit tests of Web applications.

If you already know XML and XSLT, starting with WUnit should be
straitghforward, otherwise, you should learn XML and XSLT before :)

WUnit is somewhat different from other Web testing tools :
-you don't need complex installation of the tool : just download and unzip
-you can address items of a page with XPath : get a form with
-you write your tests with XML and XUnit : <wunit:click>,
<xunit:assert-node-equals>, etc
-you can act on server-side objects : you can store authoritatively an
object in the user session before getting Web pages
-AJAX-based applications are supported

WUnit is composed of 2 parts :
-a Web client
-a Web server emulator for servlets
If your Web application is not made with servlets, you can still use the
client for writing Web scenarii. In this case, you can also design test
suites for any Web-sercer technology (PHP, Zope, Apache, etc), but with
servlets you will be able to act on server-side objects while testing

A runnable tutorial with file uploads, AJAX autocompleter, and session
cheats is available here :

WUnit documentation :
XUnit documentation :

RefleX is also a useful tool for many other things :

Enjoy !


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