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Hi group,

  * PDF intro:
  * Video demo:

  * APK file:

*Subhash Browser & Feed Reader*

   Integrated web browser, feed reader and file browser
   (Requires ONLY THREE app permissions, not three pages of them)

   Offline feed reader with support for RSS/ATOM/RDF feeds - optional
   regex filter on article titles

   Shake-to-hide-or-show toolbar

   Special toolbar buttons for scrolling up/down and top/bottom - useful
   with long web pages

   Full-screen UI-free browsing also possible

   Show/hide images by pressing a toolbar button

   Enable/disable JavaScript by pressing a toolbar button
   Ability to take web page screenshots - web page title & URL can be
   optionally stored in EXIF data

   Ability to save entire web pages as images - images will be cropped
   if not enough free memory is available

   Multiple browser disguise options - IE, Firefox, Iphone, Ipad,
   default, Gingerbread, custom useragent

   Support for User JS (javascript) and User CSS (stylesheets) to extend
   browser functionality - Users can write their own JS/CSS and edit
   them to see the effects in realtime

   Support for file and podcast downloads - with automatic resumptions
   of broken downloads

   25 search engines - all of them customizable and replaceable

   Rename the app from Subhash Browser to [INSERT-YOUR-NAME-HERE]
   Browser - installs shortcuts with that new name on home screen too

   Support for Android version from 1.6 to the latest

   UI support for several Indian languages - Malyalam, Tamil, Kannada,
   Hindi and Urdu - default is English

   Built-in support for my other apps - Dictionary of Indian English
   and Subhash TweetsToRSS Server

   Support for browsing offline HTML files

   Support for opening the current web page or URL in other installed
   browsers or apps

   Also includes a small app launcher - that makes it a four-in-one app

   All browsing history removed by default (can be switched off in

   All browsing history/cache can be erased in a single tap of a toolbar
   button - the Guy Fawkes button

   Absolutely no nags, no annoyances, no spying, no logging, no error
   collection - absolute no nonsense

V. Subhash

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