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Hi all,

Now that WebRing is requiring that people PAY
to have pages on it, I need a place to move my 40+ pages
i.e another Web ring system.

Can anyone suggest a good alternative?


Re: Alternative to WebRing? wrote:
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I actually didn't *know* that WebRing was requiring people to pay!  I
had 39 rings on there which I had carefully and lovingly tended for
about 15 years.  I quit them because they were so uunconscionably rude
to me.  After 30+ years of being online, and a stint--a long time ago
as a graphics designer at IBM  -- the last thing I can tolerate is some
snotty IT staff person, usually barely out of their teens -- talking to
me as if I were some blithering idiot.  Now I guess I can understand
why they were doing that.  I'm not the only long-term person who quit
them, either (besides you).

My resolution was to design an "Affiliates Page," and go out and
recruit all my old members, people who have been with me all this time.
 Of course this may not work for you:  I have about 300 pages of
materials about string pedagogy (not the physics subject, but violin,
viola and piano).  I'm in a Fine Arts Interdisciplinary PhD program, so
I have art, music, philosophy, bookstores, all kinds of stuff.  So, I
did the following:

1.  Designed my own webring, within my own pages, with a graphic with
the "Previous" and "Next" and "Join" buttons.  You can see an example
of this at the bottom of the page at:

2.  Put all my own pages, plus the new affiliates' pages (I've been at
this about a week now), on a Table of Contents page (TOC) at:

3.  Retrieved a smaller graphic (that was designed for me by another
friend, about 12 years ago!) for my affiliates' pages, with a mailto
"join" button, with instrucitons leadeing to #4, below.  See the small
violin graphic "Violin Web Ring" at the top of the TOC page.

4.  With the very kindly help of Andy (than you again, Andy), put up
another page, specifically to help new affiliates get a graphic and
source code for their pages.  See:

So I've been doing massive mailouts to old friends, and I think this
will work fine.  Webrings were not invented by the WebRing company;
they're an old function and have been around a long time.  They used to
be communities, and should continue to be so.  Everything on the net
should be free, IMHO.

I hope this helps,
Best regards,

Re: Alternative to WebRing?

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You were online in 1975? I dont think so.
Unless you mean the old ARPA net?
Or maybe some military intranet?

Ask a PhD one simple question and he'll give you a 300 page disertation.
Ask a 12 year old the same question and he'll give you the proper answer in
one sentence.

Re: Alternative to WebRing?

Fleeing from the madness of the NewsGuy - Unlimited Usenet $19.95 jungle
and said:

[What a lot of groups - f'ups suggested]

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those are two possibilities but there are others - depending on how one  
chooses to define 'online'.  In 1976 I played my (small) part in keeping a  
datacentre (in London) available to amongst others ...
o Houses of Parliament

There were also links to datacentres in Canada & USA

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Couldn't possibly comment :)

William Tasso

Re: Alternative to WebRing? wrote:
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In the course of discovering "The Brights," which is kind of an
interesting group, I ran across another webring source which looks
pretty good.  If my alternative is not appealing or suitable, you could
look at: /

I wish you the best,

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