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Re: alternative to FrontPage please

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I took assignement of bug 151557 at Mozilla

and I've been using KompoZer with HandCoder 0.3.4 with latest HTML
Tidy on a regular basis for fixing hundreds of webpages (from bug
360039, bug 389104, and many webpages) and I can assure you that
KompoZer's Markup Cleaner feature is quite powerful... along with
HandCoder and an advanced text editor make it very powerful, very
reliable and very efficient at fixing a great number of bad markup

Hello Gérard and thanks for trying to help, but as Berg has pointed out
several times I am not looking for an editor at all. My markup has been
valid for years with help from this newsgroup and other resources including
w3c validators and such.
Let me say it again. I am NOT looking for an editor. I AM looking for
something that has site management tools for a personal site (mine) that has
close to two hundred pages in multiple hierarchical levels. Apparently
Microsoft FrontPage is pretty darn good for those purposes. I don't use
FrontPage to generate markup and haven't for many years.

Re: alternative to FrontPage please

On 4 f=E9v, 03:45, "The Bicycling Guitarist"
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First, the best solution is always hand-coded webpages by using an
advanced text editors. An WYSIWYG HTML editor will always involve a
number of well known and well documented problems:
- table layout design
- bloated markup code: e.g.:
FACE=3D"Arial,Helvetica"><FONT SIZE=3D"+1"><FONT COLOR=3D"red"><B>&nbsp;</
see Cleaning Up After WYSIWYG Editors (a bit outdated but still pretty
much true)
- unexpected and unrequested huge number of <br> and &nbsp;
- dependence to the WYSIWYG HTML editor in a sense that you can not
upgrade or modify the webpage easily without the generating WYSIWYG
HTML editor originally used
- absence of HTML Tidy: all of them do not have HTML Tidy built-in.
KompoZer 0.7.10 has the ability to add the extension HandCoder 0.3.4
with the latest HTML Tidy (January 25th 2008)
- dependence on a specific rendering engine and not on web standards
- only a few have an ability to submit the webpage to an online HTML
validator; none of them have a built-in HTML validator and/or a built-
in CSS validator

You have to consider the price too:
- latest DreamWeaver version is $399 US
- MS-Web Expression is $99 US

Again, the best alternative to a WYSIWYG HTML editor is hand code with
an advanced text editor (there are lots of good ones, all free, open-
source ones) and to learn the best coding techniques regarding HTML,
CSS, webpage design, accessibility: a software will never do that

If you still prefer a WYSIWYG HTML editor, then I recommend

KompoZer 0.7.10 /

with HandCoder 0.3.4 /

with latest HTML Tidy (January 25th 2008)

Here are my HTML Tidy settings when I use it:
--char-encoding latin1 --clean yes --doctype strict --drop-font-tags
yes --drop-proprietary-attributes yes --enclose-block-text yes --
enclose-text yes --indent auto --logical-emphasis yes --output-html
yes --replace-color yes --show-warnings no --wrap 76 --write-back yes

and to follow the KompoZer User Guide by Charles Cooke: /

Some reading:
Using Web Standards in your Web Pages:Benefits of using web standards

List of web design tips and resources for Nvu users: basically CSS
webpage templates, what to avoid, how to do things, recommendable
coding techniques, etc. /

Regards, G=E9rard

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