Advice on learning web page creation and database integration

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Hi all,

I have been charged with learning how to create web pages that will
function as data capturing tools. From the research I have done, it
looks like I need to learn and SQL Server (langauge and how to
create databases in SQL Server). My question is where is the best
place to start learning these tools? Are courses in ASP.NET and Intro
to SQL server where I should start or are there even more basic items
I need to learn first? FYI, I do know how to develop databases in
Access and I have dabbled a little in SQL Server 2000 although my
confidence level is not the highest in SQL. I do have Dreamweaver 8.0
and I am thinking about downloading SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
because it is free. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly


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It would be more accurate to say that you need to learn *a* server-side
programming language, and *a* database. There's no reason those *need*
to be MS products; you could just as easily use MySQL or PostgreSQL
for your database, and drive it with Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.

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You might start by asking in a group that discusses them - this is an
HTML group. :-)

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DW is not a substitute for learning HTML. Although, once you've learned
HTML, there's nothing wrong with using it; in fact, many people swear
by its site-management capabilities. It can produce some atrocious HTML
code if you're not careful though, and when you're just getting started
you're not well-equipped to be able to do a sanity check on its output.


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Re: Advice on learning web page creation and database integration

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Thanks for your guidance. It is exactly what I was looking for.


Re: Advice on learning web page creation and database integration

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Apart from SQL Server 2005 Express there are many other free databases.
(Oracle Express, DB2 Express, Postgres, Firebird, mySQL)

SQL Server 2005 Express is the best one to use if you are writing

I like Robert Viera's books on MSSQL - he is very comprehensive. I
suppose that the new one on beginning SQL Server 2005 would be good
because his books on MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 7 were both very good.

The revievers at amazon give him 4.5 stars so I guess this is up to his
previous high standards
<( product link shortened)>

ASP.NET is a pretty big thing. Although you can nearly write
applications without code behind - it's pretty difficult as there always
seems to be something you need to do in the code.

What programming languages do you know?  ASP.NET primarily uses VB.NET
or C# (it's very similar to java) for code behind. A very comprehensive
book on ASP.NET is Stephen Walther's "ASP.NET Unleashed" - he walks you
through all aspects of writing ASP.NET with very little server side
code. But it's a huge book - nearly 2000 pages!  That's my second
<( product link shortened)>

Don't use Dreamweaver 8.0 for ASP.NET development unless it has
debugging tools build in.  WebMatrix < is a
free ASP.NET IDE which you should try before Dreamweaver 8.0.

Checkout these newsgroups if you have more questions:



Re: Advice on learning web page creation and database integration

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Thank you so much for you thoughts!

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to writing code so the answer
to your question is I don't really know any code. Basically I have
been charged to learn how to build websites that can integrate with a
database. We use SQL 2000 currently but we most likely will be
upgrading to SQL 2005 next year. I know I have a lot to learn so I am
sure I will be asking lots of questions, doing lots of reading and
lots of practicing! Anyway, with no money for training in the budget,
I need to rely on any resources that are either free or are what I can
afford. I am happy that advice from you and others are out there so
that I can get some idea of where to begin!

Thanks again!

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