Adobe software sold cheaply...

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I have been wanting to get a version of
adobe flash but recently I found out
about the following site: /

which offers Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master
Collection (which comes with Flash CS4
Professional, Dreamweaver CS4, and
Fireworks CS4 among others)
for only USD $299.95!!!

I was just wondering, if I buy this software,
will Flash CS4 Pro  somehow connect to
the internet when I am online and connect
to a server which will tell me that I cannot
use it, for example if the software is illegal,
which I thought it might be for the simple
reason that it is very cheap.

Has anyone tried downloading this software
and does it work fine or does it expire or
stop working after some time?

And for those that have purchased it and
it works, does it still work when your
computer is connected to the internet?


John Goche

Re: Adobe software sold cheaply...

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009 04:21:25 -0700 (PDT), John Goche wrote:

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Instead of $2499. "You Save $2199.05"

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I think you are right to be suspicious. Did you read the FAQ page?

<q class="excerpt">
* Why is the software so inexpensive?

We offer the software for downloading only, it means that you do not
receive a fancy package or any printed documents, also we don't spend money
for shipping. That actually aggregate the largest part of the retail price.
The software that we sell is bought primarily at the auctions, overstocks
and from the companies that have run out of business. ...


* What is the format of files for downloading?

Most of the software is offered for downloading in RAR-archive, ZIP-archive
or SFX-archive files. Some products also contain ISO versions of
installation files. Such files are for burning CD copies. ISO files require
special CD-burning software to be used. The content of ISO files is equal
to SFX-archive, however the size is usually bigger. A number of products
(all operating systems and some others) which must be installed from CDs is
offered only in ISO format. Please read the instructions on your account
before starting installation. You will find the detailed manual for using
of your type of files.

* Should I have any special programs to install the software purchased and
downloaded from you?

Most of the programs do not require any special software to be installed;
however there are some items that must be installed only from the CD. To
burn the CD correctly you should have CD-R or CD-RW and CD-burning
software, e.g. Nero Burning Suite or Roxio Easy Media Creator. We give a
free version of Ahead Nero 6.3 with products that require burning to CD.


So this is a company buying software "at auctions". The $2200 you save is
because of the CDs and documentation you don't get from them. This company
claims that the software is the smallest part of the price.

For some reason, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Autodesk, etc. are willing to
sell this software at 10%-20% of the retail price, because of  "overstocks"
or because the companies "have run out of business."

I see SolidWorks Premium 2009 retail price $8400.00, price here $299.00.
IOW, it's availabe for 3.5% of the retail price, just because you don't get
the books for it. I don't know the SolidWorks product, but do you really
get $8000 worth of documentation with it?

You apparently have to be ready to burn all of your own CDs. Presumably the
free version of Ahead Nero 6.3 they provide is as legal as the other
software you're buying from them.

I think it's also notable that, according to the FAQ page, if you need
support, you contact *them* rather than the actual software developer. As
if they know Adobe won't be willing to help you for some reason. I wonder
why that is.

* If I experience any problems with software, who's gonna help me?

We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service
possible. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. If
you experience any problems with software after purchase, please don't
hesitate to contact us using Support menu in your Member's area.

Along with everything else, there are too many English errors on their Web
site for me to do business with them. Seriously. Yeah, I know. But still.

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I haven't, and don't know. I wouldn't dare try it myself.


If something seems too good to be true...

Re: Adobe software sold cheaply...

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Not to mention that CS4 hasn't really been out long enough for it to be
an "overstock" item...

Re: Adobe software sold cheaply...

In article <8652e6af-2160-4ee8-b55f-f9ac0e8bdf49>, says...
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I think you answered your own questions.  If it seems to good to be
true, it is.  This has "trouble" written all over it.

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