Adobe Framemaker 7.1 vs. GoLive CS

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I currently use Macromedia Studio for web development but have been
considering changing to Adobe Products since I use Acrobat highly as
well as Photoshop and will be using InDesign CS soon.  My question,
how do the Adobe products compare to Macromedia for web design?  I
also see they have GoLive CS as well as Framemaker.  I'm kind of
confused about this.  Is GoLive the web development (HTML) program or
is that Framemaker and how does Framemaker figure into this?

Re: Adobe Framemaker 7.1 vs. GoLive CS

MarkW wrote:

Which newsgroup would you like the answer in?


> My question, how do the Adobe products compare to Macromedia for web
> design?

Based on the webpages created using those packages by people who were,
presumably, dependent on the GUI HTML generation ... Macromedia products
produce code that I would be ashamed to publish, and Adobe products produce
code that is much much worse then that.

I expect it is possible to produce decent quality code in either (so long as
you are proficient enough in HTML and CSS to handcraft those parts which
the tool fails at), but Adobe certainly seems to be behind Macromedia in
this. Not to mention the cost (both in cash and learning time) involved in

It seems to me that it would be rather like switching to MS SQL server
because you use MS Flight Sim.

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