Adjusting Input field size (height)

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How does one adjust the input field size (height) in a form, say to
accept 10pt rather than the 12pt txt that apparently is the norm.



Re: Adjusting Input field size (height)

Adam Smith wrote:
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This has nothing to do with JavaScript, but anyhow... you control the
size of the font using font-size, either through CSS or the input's
style object.  The input will usually be re-sized to suit.

Most people don't like you playing with their font sizes, it is
generally best to leave them alone.


Re: Adjusting Input field size (height)

In article

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Plus, as a general rule, don't make input fields smaller, make
them bigger because the small ones irritate me.

And even more general, this having nothing to do with me, don't
use point sizes unless we are talking print things. Use ems or %


Re: Adjusting Input field size (height)

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or with HTML, really. Some browsers actually let you affect the font in
input fields using text-level markup like <font> or <big>, but there's
hardly any reason to do so.

So the _correct_ group for the question would not be _any_ of the groups it
was posted to. That's more than common in crossposting. People should really
try and find the right group rather than post their messages around.

Followups set to alt.html only.

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Indeed. But I think the OP needs to be corrected: 12pt is not the norm, and
there is no norm for the size. Besides, the most _common_ default in
browsers is 10pt, but the characteristics of the default font may prevent
people from seeing this. Anyway, browsers generally use _reduced_ font
size - i.e., smaller than the copy text font size they use by default, or
the overall font size - for form fields, so there _is_ a case for setting
the font size of an input field.

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Generally yes, but for form fields,
input, textarea { font-size: 100%; }
might be a good idea, if you wish to use form fields for letting users type
their input comfortably, rather than as an expression of the best you can do
in artistic design.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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