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sorry, I don't know where else to ask...

I can't get to some websites.. the browser just hangs for a long time..
sites like,, many more, this is
very strange, I can get to some sites fine, but on some others the
browser (both browsers) just hangs for ever and I don't get there.. my
internet provider is Comcast, should I call them about this?  it's very
puzzling.. there are a few sites I need to get to right away for some
work I have to do.. this is very frustrating, to say the least..

thank you...

Re: accessing websites...

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1. Run antivirus
2. Check for spyware
3. Check your hosts file.  The problem is probably actually in the hosts
file, but check the others first because a virus or worm could redo the
hosts change you make, and spyware could do the same.

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Re: accessing websites...

Adrienne Boswell wrote:
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what is hosts file..  my anti-spyware and anti-virus are all ok..  (they
all show "active", and "protected"...)  don't know what hosts file is..
(other problem I forgot to mention:  on my POP email acct, I can only
send email from my webmail, can't send from my email client (can't
connect to SMTP from Thunderbird..)

thank you very much..

Re: accessing websites...

maya schreef:
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Your hosts file defines how your computer resolves the domain to an IP
In normal english: If you type your computer first looks
in the hosts file to see if it can find something like:

If you computer cannot find it in the hosts file it will use its DNS
server (probably some computer at your current ISP).

It can be found here:

Unless YOU changed it for some reason, it should only contains this: localhost
(all the lines that start with # are comments)

About your email: I have no clue. Are you sure you told Thunderbird the
right servers for SMTP and popping? Maybe it demands authentication?

Erwin Moller

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Re: accessing websites...

On 11/19/2008 8:46 AM, maya wrote:
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For Thunderbird support, visit the
<news://> newsgroup.

If your browser is Firefox, visit the
<news://> newsgroup for
support.  If it's SeaMonkey, visit the
<news://> newsgroup.

Note that all of these are on the NNTP server, not on a
commercial, public server.  You will have to configure an account for and then add the desired newsgroups.


David E. Ross

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Re: accessing websites...

maya wrote:
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These messages say nothing about real health of your computer :-) Please run
"Scan This computer" or what your antivirus offer you. Sometime a virus is too
new and antivirus not know about this virus.
Petr Vileta, Czech republic
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