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  1.  MSIE6 and Firefox will go to the top of the page on
       command  <a href="#top">go upsy</a>  even if
       there is NO name="top"  or id="top"

       They know what a "top" is  :-)

       Opera does not.

  2.  None go to the top or anywhere just for <a href="#foo">
        with no "foo" target (unless "foo" is "top").

  3.  Opera will not find <a name="foo"></a>  or any other
       name if there is no content in <a></a>

  4.  MSIE6 and Firefox do not require that content.

   5.  id="foo"  is equivalent to name="foo"

   6.  In this business don't believe anything.  test test test
         (note: when testing clear the caches)

               Mason C       If no questions, class is excused.

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