Y Split Power Dist

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I'm thinking about Y splitting a 4 pin molex, and adapting it to connect
to two 3 pin fan headers.  This would feed power to an Aspire fan speed
controllers that attaches to the case as a pci slot bracket.  Then, of
course, I would Y split the power output molex, and adapt to my two 3
pin cpu fan plugs.

The board 3 pin fan headers are restricted to 1.2A.  Would the described
set up equally distribute the amperage over the two headers?  Or is
there danger one header could be "called upon" for more amperage than

The fans are .32A each, so I don't suppose drawing off a single header
would be a problem, but still, I wonder about the nature of distributing
current relative to this set up - I mean, is it "naturally" distributed
(and equally so) according to flow through the circuit?  Or are there
variables that could result in one header bearing more than another?  I
may also, at some point, want to connect more than just the two cpu
fans, so the question may be more important then.

I'm going through the board headers because, I want to be able to use
both the Aspire rheostat and software fan speed control for the two cpu
fans.  That way, speed can be auto controlled by software, and
controlled by the rheostat when reboot, or say, running DOS, or other
system without software speed control.


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