XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

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I just flashed my MSI K8N Neo4 SLI motherboard to recognize a AMD X2
4400 processor that I installed.  Before the flash the processor booted
fine but was not recognized as a dual core and I wasn't able to utilize
the second core.  After checking the MSI site I downloaded the most
recent BIOS (the last 3 supported dual core).  Flash seemed to go fine,
but when booting it gets to the Updating DMI screen and reboots.  After
reboot I get the option to enter Safe Mode, Safe Mode Networking, etc.
None of these options will let me get passed the mup.sys portion of the
boot.  It just hangs at that point and then reboots.   I have tried
rolling back to the previous BIOS, but I am still having the same
problem.  Any thoughts?

Would re-running windows setup be of any help?  How much data would I
lose doing that?  I entered XP setup recovery mode and ran chkdsk but
no issues there.  Not sure what else to try from recovery mode.


Re: XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

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So, Windows IS trying to load - the BIOS flash worked.

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Yes, Windows needs to load the driver for the new CPU.
That driver was not on your system before, so Recovery cannot help you.

Boot from your Win CD and do a repair install - that should recognise the
mew CPU and load the right driver.   You'll have to reload all the MS patches
since your CD was made, and also the hardware drivers from the MSI CD.
You should not lose any data.

Re: XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

Strobe wrote:
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I did a repair install and that has helped me get further.  However, it
has brought another issue to light.  I have a SATA and an IDE drive in
the computer.  The old IDE drive used to be my primary XP drive.  When
I got the SATA I installed XP on it and this became primary.  However,
now that I have flash the BIOS the IDE drive boots unless I disconnect
it and then the SATA drive is seen.  I have tried changing the Boot
Priority in the BIOS but it doesn't seem to help.

Re: XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

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  I'll take a stab at this. My guess is that the bios is running fine but
the boot.ini file in XP needs adjusting as it sees the SATA drive as the
first boot device. So what needs to be done is to change that file to tell
XP which hdd to look for to load Windows. How to do that?
   Below is how to get to the boot.ini file,
Boot up the WindowsT 2000, XP or 2003 OS and open "Control Panel" then click
on "System" (or select "Properties" after right-clicking on My Computer).
Under the "System Properties" window's "Advanced" tab, if you click on
"Startup and Recovery*" you'll see at least two basic items in the BOOT.INI
file that you're allowed to change from this dialog box:  1) You can select
the default OS to boot up, and 2) How many seconds to display the boot menu.
And under WindowsT XP or 2003, you'll find another button that gives you
direct access to editing the whole BOOT.INI file! Under WindowsT 2000,
you'll need to find the BOOT.INI file on your own for further editing; such
as arranging the order in which the OS selections appear in the menu. _

So my thought is once you look at the boot.ini file you will need to change
the current choice of  booting XP to 1 rather than 0 and additionally make
sure your bios had the IDE as your first boot device.
   I could be wrong but I think it's worth trying.
Jan Alter

Re: XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

Jan Alter wrote:
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Thanks for info.  I actually found another way around it.  Although I
changed my boot priority within BIOS to use the SATA drive.  There was
also a Boot Menu option during POST.  When I hit F11, it listed the
hard drive boot order.  In this menu the IDE drive was still listed as
being the first option.  When I changed this setting to make SATA first
and then rebooted it worked as expected.  Strange that this isn't a
shared setting, but it appears to be back to normal now.

Re: XP Load problems after BIOS flash.

Enchant wrote:
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After the flash, did you go immediately into the BIOS and reload the default
or optimum BIOS parameters?  Or you can clear the CMOS using a jumper on
most motherboards which usually loads default parameters upon boot.

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