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is it possible for the bios to see a slave drive,
and xp not see it?

Re: xp, bios question

Al-hphdx wrote:
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Yes if the drive is not formatted or in a format that windows can
understand.  Occasionally Windows does not assign a drive letter when it
thinks there is a problem.   When you check using Disk Management what do
you see?  One way to check is to right click on "My Computer", pick
"Manage", then pick "Disk Management".

The bios reports the drive hardware responded when queried.  It does not
check to see if the device actually works or is formatted, just that the
hard drive's interface responded to a specific set of queries from the bios.

If this is a drive that has data on it you are trying to recover you might
download and boot one of the live Linux distributions that you burn to a CD.
They can usually identify drives that Windows for what ever reason can not
identify or read.  You can find them at http://www.livecdlist.com /
One with a small download and easy to use is Puppy Linux.  It can be
installed on a USB thumb drive or CD.  For more serious recovery pick one
that lists it's purpose as "Rescue" but the Puppy version would at least
verify that your system is capable of reading the drive provided it is
responding to more than just the bios codes.

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