XP 2500+ reporting as 1900+

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I have an AMD (barton) XP2500+ CPU that I bought used.  It is supposedly
unlocked and overclockable.

I've never overclocked it.  I just run it at default settings on my Gigabyte
GA-7N400 mobo.

At boot it's always (the 6 months I've had it) reported properly as a 2500+.

I just noticed yesterday that at boot it's only showing 1900+.  This is also
what Windows reports.

We've had a lot of power outages lately and I don't have a UPS.  Could this
be a contributing factor?

The BIOS also reports the CPU at 73c.  This seems extremely hot to me.  Am I
cooking my CPU?


Re: XP 2500+ reporting as 1900+

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 20:24:29 GMT, "TFM®"

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I'd expect your FSB is too low now, needs raised to
166MHz/DDR333 (or beyond if you wanted to o'c it).

Certainly something is a contributing factor, the board
should not just forget the CPU speed.  You might check other
bios settings to see if any had changed, including the
clock.  Take battery voltage levels as it could be a bad
battery.  Run memtest86 and Prime95's Torture Test for
several hours to initially check for instabilities.

Re: XP 2500+ reporting as 1900+

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73 is too hot, I would check that the heatsink is in proper contact with the
CPU (remove and replace if necessary) and that you have decent airflow in
the case

If your board is losing its BIOS settings, sounds like it may be time for a
new CMOS battery. It could be other reasons, but I would change the battery


Re: XP 2500+ reporting as 1900+

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Not losing BIOS settings.  Just running hot and reporting a low number on
the CPU.

Never encountered this before.

I'll pull the heatsink and regrease it, but I fear the damage is done.


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