Wrong ram?

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I am trying to put together from parts a biostar MB and AMD 3400.  I cant
get any beeps or post trying it with the ram I have now which is DDR PC266.
Will that keep the board from posting?  Also when I take the ram out then I
get beeps from the speaker. When the ram is seated nothing.  Please help
this rookie builder.



Re: Wrong ram?

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    The exact model of motherboard would be helpful! If you have more than 1
DIMM, have you tried one at a time?


Re: Wrong ram?

It might.You'll probably need PC3200(400mhz)DDR.
There may be a way to set the bios to run in asyncronous mode. Set your ram
to boot at 133 or 166 through bios advanced setting.

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Re: Wrong ram?

Thanks for the replies.  I tried one slot both slots nothing.  The only time
I get beeps is when I boot up with no ram installed.  I am also getting
error 29 when I put in a post card.  It is an award bios.

Thanks again!


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Re: Wrong ram?

I am beginning to think that my Biostart NF325-A7 does not like the mobile
AMD 3400!  I do not have another MB to try it in.  Any suggestions on which
MB would work?


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Re: Wrong ram?

Brian wrote:
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You could try another processor. This one doesn't come with a cooler, so you'd
be using whatever heatsink/fan you currently have got.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 2.2GHz 512KB L2 Cache Socket 754 Processor - OEM  $36

I don't see any mention of incompatibility issues for that one in the reviews

BTW = An Athlon 64 3200+ is faster than a Sempron 3400+, as Athlon 64 is
compared to Pentium4, while Semprons are compared to Celeron. So you cannot
compare the 3200+ and 3400+ numbers directly. They are on a different scale.

The fact that your motherboard beeped with no RAM present, suggests the processor
did execute some instructions. But for whatever reason, the BIOS cannot complete
POST. There are even cheaper processors than the $36 one from Newegg, but I
don't know if their compatibility would be worse or not.

This one is a Sempron 2600+ for $28. It is an E6 stepping. On Asus motherboards,
you need the latest BIOS for support. So it might work on the Biostar. I think
by comparison, the $36 processor is a better deal.


This is the kind of info Asus gives:

http://support.asus.com.tw/cpusupport/cpu_support_right_master.aspx?type=0&name=Sempron%202600%2B%2064bit (rev.E6)%20(Socket754)&SLanguage=en-us

As far as running Mobiles goes, you may not see an official statement of support
on a manufacturer web page. You have to find an enthusiast web site, where
been experimenting. There is a search tab on this site, that allows non-members
to search the archives.



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