Workgroup problem XP desktop/Vista laptop

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THe desktop PC has SP2 /Windows XP Pro Corp.  I have a Linksys
wireless 802.11N  router  which the cable modem is connected to.  THe
destop is hard-wired to the router, while the Dell (with Vista) laptop
is connected wirelessly with lynksys 802.11N card. Both PCs are
working fine on the internet.  I have set up a workgroup name (under
computer name)......CALDWELL-NET. THe laptop computer name is  Dell
Laptop and the desktop PC is named JIM.
I have done the same on the Dell, the workgroup name is also
CALDWELL-NET.  When I go into Networks on laptop, it will find the
CALDWELL-NET workgroup, but there is a problem.  When I click DIAGNOSE
PROBLEM, it just says "Windows cannot connect to this workgroup".  Boy
that is a real helpful diagnosis!  It doesn't say it is an encryption
issue....and why would you have to enter the same enc. key again for
workgroups to work?

On both machines MY NETWORK PLACES list shows only the local computer,
not the other workgroup computer.
    I want to be able to share files between my laptop and the
desktop.  I should mention that the router has WEP encryption enabled.
When setting up the laptop to share internet, we entered the same
encryption key, and then it worked fine on the internet from then on.

Re: Workgroup problem XP desktop/Vista laptop

On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 09:56:43 -0500, geronimo thoughfully wrote:

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Not really following your problem but I know XP is pain in the ass for
networking.  Assuming Windows cannot connect to workgroup you should make
sure printer and file sharing is enabled on both machines.  Then you
should be able to at least see both pcs and default shares.  

Go to network places, with network tasks shown.  Use either the "setup a  
home network or small office" or set up a wireless network to reestablish
your network.  

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You can try to add a network place ie,  \JIM\"Shared Folders"

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Yeah, you lost me here.  Work the basic home network connections first
and leave the working internet connections for later.

Re: Workgroup problem XP desktop/Vista laptop

Quoted text here. Click to load it you have one running.

If so ensure each computer has the other computers IP address in the
Firewalls Trusted settings.

after changing any settings, do a reboot...............this sometimes helps.

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