Woops blown my Enermax PSU

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ASUS A7N8X Deluxe and Enermax 350W PSU.

The missus switched on the PC and said that it immediately immited a loud

I checked it out and when the UPS is switched on it fails.

Removed the UPS and connected straight into the PSU with a new connector,
another bang!!

Removed the PSU and took it apart no obvious burnt out components, change
the fuse in the power connector and switched back on..........fireworks came
early this year!!!

I tried out a spare PSU that I had in the garage but the system case would
not power up dead as a Dodo, problem is not sure the PSU was working anyway?
Tried to test the PSU on its own from info off the web (Connect the green
wire to any common and switch on) Nothing happened, so PSU might be duff.

Well I now have a dilema, I know I need a PSU so I'll have to get one but
what are the chances of the Mobo being fried??
Tried an Ohm test on the power connectors on the HD's and CDRom and no
obvious shorts but how can I test the Mobo (Again no obvious damage)

If the Mobo is damaged what are the chances of a damage Mobo blowing a new

Last note when I took the Enermax apart the internal fuse was intact?

Any help would be great. Need a PSU in a hurry only shop open tommorow is PC
World and think they only sell JeanTech.




Re: Woops blown my Enermax PSU

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 19:26:30 +0000 (UTC), "Bill H"

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Your board uses 5V for CPU, get a areplacement rated for at
least 200W on 3V +5V combined.  Enermax is over-rated per
capacity, if you get another Enermax then over-shoot to 230W

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Rarely is it only a fuse that goes, "sometimes" finding the
fault before replacing the fuse allows replacing fewer
parts, though frankly I wouldn't put a lot of time or $ into
a 350W Enermax.

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You might need a load on the PSU, hook a drive up to a power
connecter then retry what you did previously.  However,
having it run a drive isn't necessarily a sign it's
sufficient for the entire system.

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The chances of it being fried are low, but not impossible.
If the motherboard were bad, it should've shut off the PSU
and the PSU should still work.  Though I'm not fond of
Enermax, they do have safety shutdown.  The best test for
the board would be trying it with a known viable power

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Low, supposedly not possible if the new power supply has
proper shutdown circuitry.  Buy a decent name-brand as

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No shops open on saturday?  Order it online then, now,
paying for expedited shipping if the cost is warranted.
"Jeantech" sounds like a problem waiting to happen.

Re: Woops blown my Enermax PSU

Thanks for all the help,
As I needed to fix it today after carrying out some more tests, Ohm Test on
Mobo Power Socket, I popped down to PC World this morning (Only place open
on a Sunday).

PC World only sell Jantech and one Hipper (69.99) I had already checked the
specs on the Net, needed a 450W to be sure but low and behold they only had
the Jeantech 400W (39.99) & 600W (69.99).
After a bit of a discussion with the promise of it it don't work or blows up
cos you have a faulty Mobo bring it back and we'll refund you I took it the
Jeantech 400W JNP-400P.

The power rating seemed OK, but having two +12v ratings confused me

+5V 35A
+3.3V 28A
+12V1 15A
+12V2 17A

What are the two +12V.

Took it home connected it all up and voila my Neon Fan kicked in and the
machine started up and is working fine, tested it running Unreal Tournement
and all seemed OK.
Two zaps with a busted PSU and the Mobo survived.......phew
The Jeantech might not be the best but at least it works!! pretty quite too.

Many thanks

Bill H
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Re: Woops blown my Enermax PSU

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 14:33:52 +0000 (UTC), "Skavenger"

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The problem with generic PSU isn't the labeled rating, it's
the labeled rating's accuracy, that they tend to rate for
peak rather than sustained load... and sometimes even a 3rd
definition for peak that doesn't even match what good
name-brands call "peak" but is even less than that.

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It is a newer design incorporating a split in the 12V rail
to provide some isolation for CPUs using 12V power.  Yours
doesn't use 12V so it is of no consequence to your use,
except that with a newer PSU optimized for 12V amperage,
inevitably you get less 5V amperage for any given
price-point, so the unit is sub-optimal for your setup.
Even so, if the true capacity of it on the 5V rail is high
enough, it will still provide acceptible service.  Problem
is not knowing ahead of time if it really does.  One initial
test is to use a multimeter (cannot use motherboard sensors
for this test) to measure 12V and 5V reading at idle, and
compare to full load.  A sign of an insufficient 5V rail
would be that it drops a lot or that the 12V rises far too

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Glad you have it working again.  The issues I'd mentioned
previously about capacity aren't necessarily whether it
works initially but also how long it works.  If you have an
umbrella type of product warranty then you have more relief
than those in the US if it becomes problematic.

Re: Woops blown my Enermax PSU

Back after being away the week, PC has been in use all week and no problems
so far...........
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