wireless LAN for 150

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i want to set up a wireless LAN for 150 notebook to go communicate at the
same time. it is in a Lecture theatre. Can it be dome easily with a router
obtained in shop ?  and equipment do i need ?   many thanks

Re: wireless LAN for 150

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It can be done, but throughput to each computer won't be very good if they're
all attempting access at the same time...

Other than a router (e.g., Linksys WRT54G) wired into an Ethernet port, you may
need a repeater (e.g., Linksys WRE54G) or 2, depending on the size of the room.
Since throughput drops off drastically with distance, the repeaters may be a
good idea in any case.

Re: wireless LAN for 150

On Jan 11, 10:18=A0am, "John Weiss"
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Hmmm. That is a he!! of a good idea. Since the info is broadcast like
radio/tv, it is certainly physically possible.  It sounds similar to
the MS "streaming media" internet broadcast (multicast) that MS used
to talk very much about but I haven't been listening for several
years, They probably still have it - Windows Media Technologies was
what they used to cal it.  Special media server programs were
available under Windows NT4. I recall a Theater server was one of
them. I was interested in developing educational technology taking
advantage of it + DirectX and tried to obtain the SDKs to do so under
a business named Cogito Ergo, Inc. You may do the same(But you will
have to call yours something else.) The last thing that I can say is
current WiFi protocols might need a minor protocol adjustment/
enhancement (translate INEXPENSIVE) to accomodate such an
application.  But I suppose (and perhaps you know) it might work AS

Microsoft took advantage of the "multicasting" portion of TCP/IP
protocol/technology. How that applies to WiFi may be the $64 question.

Bottom line is what you want to do is very much technically possible.
I heard a few weeks ago that Texas Instruments is selling some
educational technology that either has this or needs it.

Re: wireless LAN for 150

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It all depends on the use to which the network is being put.  Range
shouldn't be a problem since a 150 seat lecture theatre is likely
to be less than 20m long or wide.  102.11g over 150 nodes gives a
theoretical average of 0.36 Mbps.  That is enough for general
email/web browsing but marginal for streaming video.  However, this
isn't entirely accurate since for most uses the link to any node
will be idle a fair proportion of the time, boosting the available
bandwidth for each node.

On the flip side you will lose a fair proportion of bandwidth due
to the size of the collision domain - how much depends on the nature
of the traffic on the network and is difficult or impossible to
predict in advance.

I'd try to reduce the size of the collision domain by having two
or more access points operating on separate channels - this would
also increase the bandwidth for each user.  Be warned that WiFi
channels do overlap so for best results use clearly spaced channels,
say 3 & 9 or 1, 6 and 11.  I'd put them at the front and back of
the lecture theatre since although range shouldn't be a problem it
is conceivable tiered seating arrangements may have an effect - no
experience in that area though.

Andrew Smallshaw

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