Wireless/Bluetooth Monitor..?

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Hello All,
I have been searching Google for a wireless monitor solution but can't
find anything...!
Surely this must exist?

I need a monitor 17" to 19" to stand on the big table in my studio in
central London.
I need to be able to quickly move it away since I sometimes use this
table for dinners with friends.
The PC (a Shuttle) is located 5 metres away (well within the range of
bluetooth). But I don't want cables running all over the place and I
don't want to move the PC since it is hooked up to my TV, and since I am
happy with where it is stored at the minute.

I would be very grateful for advice for a wireless monitor solution.

Re: Wireless/Bluetooth Monitor..?

On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 10:45:02 +0000, Johanna

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Why would you think it "surely" does?
The issue is bandwidth, the data has to get there.  Once
can't just make everything wireless because of this.

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Then when you move it, do so quickly.
This monitor will have to be a TV set, and you'd have a TV
transmitter attached to the TV-out on the computer.  It will
look horrible and be good for console video game playing but
not much else do to low resolution and fuzzy output.

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I'd like for my power company to deliver a few kilowatts
without wires.   It'd be nice if Cell phones didn't have to
use towers.  If only rain wasn't wet.  Get the picture?  It
doesn't matter what you'd like to do, only what can
reasonably be done with the technology available.

I'm sure there is some way to do it, which would start with
a large multi-thousand-dollar transmitter and receiver.  You
could set your dinner table on top of it if you had really
tall chairs.  Sorry but the point is, no you can't just do
without wires because you dislike them.  Who does like

Re: Wireless/Bluetooth Monitor..?

flock of green cheek conures squawk out:

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Get a TV lift to hide it inside the table.
 http://www.inca-tvlifts.com /


Re: Wireless/Bluetooth Monitor..?

For a variety of technical reasons, there is no such device as a wireless
monitor manufactured.


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